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Client Services

Working with our clients to tell their stories.

Family Services

Partnering with family and friends to navigate this process to tell their loved one's story.

Support/ Encouragement

Providing encouragement to both or client and their families during this difficult time.

A Professional Product

Our product is of the best quality because every page is handled with the best for your loved one in mind


The costs for our product is $300;  One-half as the deposit and the balance after the draft has been approved by you and your loved one and before the packet is sent to the Parole Board.

Multiple payment methods to fit your needs

We want your payment experience to be comfortable, so we offer many choices.

Looking for a way to help your loved one through the parole process?


"I just want to send a really special thanks to this company for doing an amazing job on my parole packet. I did 8 years in prison,  and the price was affordable. They took their time to get to know me and reach out to my family. I wasn't just an offender to them. They actually cared about my parole. They are loving people that love the Lord. I highly recommend them to do your parole

packet."  Angela F.

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