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Again, we thank you for allowing us to partner with you in giving your loved one an opportunity to share their story in their own way.  We would really appreciate if you could take a moment and let us know if we can be of assistance in any other way.  Also, just a comment on our services and please let us know if we can improve in any area.  We wish you and your loved one all the best that God has in store.


Duane and Lawanda Carlock

Comments (2)


Name: Angela F.

Message: I just want to send a really special thanks to this company for doing an amazing job on my parole packet. I did 8 years in prison, and the price was affordable. They took their time to get to know me and reach out to my family. I wasn't just an offender to them. They actually cared about my parole. Just loving people that love the Lord. I highly recommend them to do your parole packet.



Name: Lisa H.

Message: I was denied parole multiple times (2 with a parole attorney), so i felt a bit discouraged about making parole until Lawanda came along. They made putting my packet together so easy, even calling my loved ones and friends to collect support letters from them. They put together a beautiful packet that showed the parole board that I was a changed woman, not just another number. When I reviewed the packet, my eyes filled with tears and my heart with gratitude for the hard work they put into it. It gave me hope again for a future! And with their help I made parole!!! I am truly grateful to God and to the Carlocks for their assistance with my release from prison. They are truly a Godsend. Lawanda has the most beautiful, God loving soul and you are in good hands!

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